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Great Adventures Daycare and Preschool is a play-based program consisting of literacy and STEAM activities (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics).   Teacher led and child led learning opportunities are offered throughout the day so that each child's individual interests and needs are met. Children are encouraged to participate as leaders in their learning journey.   We utilize a variety of themes and teaching methods to reach each child where he or she is currently at in his or her development including Learning Without Tears and Zoophonics. We do regular outings in the spring, summer, and fall. Some of our favorites have included local parks, child friendly hiking trails, the Roseville Aquatics Complex, Apple Hill, Bishops Pumpkin Farm, restaurants, as well as the movies. We offer a lending library for any family that would like to participate in our annual summer reading challenge. We celebrate most holidays as well as each child's birthday with a small party. Learning here is a lot of fun!

A strong parent/ provider relationship based on mutual trust, honesty, and respect is vital for each child's success and well being.  Communication is strongly encouraged! A monthly newsletter is provided at the start of each month highlighting any important dates or reminders as well as providing some information on our theme and planned activities for the month. Photos are uploaded to our Facebook page for parents, friends, and family members to view. There are brief opportunities to touch base daily during drop off and pick up, during planned family or parent activities, and I am available via phone and email as well.  



By the end of your child's time with us, he or she will be ready to enter kindergarten with a strong academic foundation in letter recognition, phonics, number recognition, basic mathematics and geometry, beginning stages of writing, as well as a stronger understanding of the world they live in through our studies in science. Each child will learn at his or her own pace and while some may enter kindergarten without having quite mastered these academic subjects, having a strong foundation will allow for quick mastery in grade school. 




The importance of social emotional development should not be overlooked or undervalued. Studies have shown that children who have high emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills perform better not only in school but well into their adult years.


Here at Great Adventures Daycare and Preschool, we look for daily opportunities to work on naming our emotions, best practices for processing and managing our feelings, clearly communicating our wants and needs, using manners, setting our personal boundaries, learning to respect the boundaries of others, learning to cope with disappointment and how to persevere, decision making, sharing, taking turns, and problem solving all of which contribute to a child's development and school readiness as well as their self- esteem.  

Life Skills

Independence and autonomy are goals that every parent sets for their child. We want them to be successful and capable adults who, at some point, will be responsible for their own care and wellbeing. This is not accomplished quickly! It is a slow mastery of many life skills over the course of our lives (and throughout adulthood) that help to make our lives easier while increasing our confidence in ourselves.

To smooth the transition into a classroom of 20-30 students, we work with the children in our care on life skills such as independently using the restroom, how to properly wash our hands, how to push in chairs, how to refill a water bottle and open and close packages in a lunchbox, how to put on our shoes and socks, how to put on and zip a coat or jacket, how to line up, how to follow multi-step directions, how to clean up after ourselves, how to safely and correctly operate scissors/glue/hole punches/staplers/and other classroom materials, etc. There is so much to learn!

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