Daycare & Preschool 

Great Adventures 

 Let the adventure begin! 

Our vision

Our program's goal is to not only prepare your child for kindergarten and the years of learning beyond but allow him or her to grow and develop socially as well as an individual. Over the years I have found the best way to accomplish this is to encourage active learning through a structured but non-rigid schedule that allows us to individualize our lessons to cater to each child's interests, strengths, and age level utilizing a variety of teaching methods.

Our daily activities include circle time, story time, arts & crafts, sensory play, free play, and outdoor play. In addition, we have a number of rotating centers that include a S.T.E.M. station, building center, reading corner, garden, and a variety of dramatic play set ups. Regular field trips and lessons in cooking, dance, music, and sports round out our curriculum and provide new, stimulating environments and subjects for the children to explore. Every day is a new adventure!


By the end of his or her time with us, your child should be able to recognize letters, numbers, colors, shapes and have at least a beginners knowledge of mathematics, phonics, writing, and be ready to take on all the great adventures that grade school has to offer.


Academic readiness is often the focus of parents in preparing their little one for the challenges of school, but the importance of social readiness should not be overlooked or undervalued. Throughout your child's time with us, he or she will learn many important social etiquettes including using manners, taking turns, how to share, and having empathy and compassion for others (to name a few) which will set the foundation for him or her to build and sustain meaningful friendships.


Each child is unique and thanks to our small class sizes, we are able to work closely with every child to find and build on his or her strengths, assist in overcoming any weaknesses, promote a strong sense of self and independence, impart knowledge of how to communicate and manage emotions, develop good decision making habits, provide tools for problem solving, and assist parents and caregivers in maintaining a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy foods, exercising regularly, and adhering to hygienic practices.